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Special Commissions

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Costume Design


Character Reference Sheet

Commission Price List

Costume Design

Costume Design Commission

Designing a character's costume. It will include Fullbody and details of costumes and accessories.

70 USD

per Costume

Ref sheet

Character ref sheet commission

Designing a character's reference sheet, inspired by TV anime character models. All orders come with a transparent full-res png image or/and Original PSD file for your own use.

1 Full body + 3 faces

1 front shot of one character and 3 different facial expression of them.

80 USD

per sheet

5 faces

5 different facial expressions of one character.

70 USD

per sheet

2 Full body + 3 faces

1 front shot, (E.g. 1 back shot of one character) and 3 different facial expressions.

100 USD

per sheet


Also, you can customize your ref sheet! Ask me the price by the form.

Ask the price


The reference sheet commission applies to only one character each. If you want to draw two or more characters in one sheet, you need to choose "customize".

Special Discount

I’ll give the  10 % OFF discount if you want me to draw either character related to PPG or Touken-ranbu.

Ready to order or have a question?

Did you read "Terms of service" at least once? If you are ready to order, submit this google form. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the commission, please email or send DMs @aitommylove on Instagram or Twitter.

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