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Art Commission Info

Thank you so much for considering the art commission from me! Before ordering, please carefully read this Art Commission Info. These terms apply to private/personal commissions only.

  • OCs(Requires the detailed character sheet or reference)

  • Anime characters

  • Cartoon/Chibi characters

  • Kemonomimi

  • Mechas

  • Furries

  • Graphic NSFW

  • Gore

  • Overly-muscular characters

  • For commercial purposes

I draw...

I don't draw...

Ai Tomioka - Graphic Design Portfolio-14.png

Terms of Service

  • I only accept commissions through

  • Skeb is the Japanese commission platform where you can request arts(Duh...)

  • It is different from the standard commission process - You can only send the request via text(you can include the URLs), the only finished drawing will be sent to you, and there are no revisions, reviews, or retakes.

  • For more info, visit Quick Guide: How to Use Skeb, published by Skeb. Please read through this guide before requesting.

  • The quality of the finished drawings varies.

  • I could deny the request without any explanation.



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