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Original Stories

Original Works

Ollie - Cutest Idol in the galaxy

This is the illustration for the Galaxys Cutest illustration contest presented by Clip Studio Paint. 

Her name is Ollie, half Earthling half Veganians. She loves singing and she always wanted to be a singer since her childhood. Her voice and songs are sweet but also strong and make people around the universe happy!!

She is inspired by Orihime, the Weaver girl (symbolizing the star Vega) from the tale of "Orihime and Hikoboshi"(based on the Chinese folk tale "The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd").


This is my original story about a girl, her family robots, and a boy from another planet who wants to be a greatest villain of universe.


Cath(Cathline) is a normal girl... except, her family are robots. M.A.C. is an original communication robot and W.I.Z. is a quantum computer with artificial intelligence that Cath's late father made.

They live happily together for a long time.

One day, Cath and M.A.C. met a boy fell from the sky. He said his name is "Nanashi", an arian from another planet. He came to the earth to become a greatest villain of universe.

He makes a evil plan, but Cath and M.A.C. are too innocent to understand his bad intention and they ruins his great plan everytime...

To the Moon and Beyond

No Dream Is Too High.

This is the animation project for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

The boy in this story wants to become an astronaut, but he is now getting tired of studying. He loses touch with his friends and he is not sure he can make it.

But he is looking at the moon. The big bright moon encourages him to follow his dream, and says no dream is too high.

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