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You light up my world.


Created by Ai Tomioka

The Characters


Jamie Barnes

Jamie is a boy who lives in a small town called Glinton. He has a strong fear of darkness for unknown reasons and been suffering for a long time. He is helping his uncle working as a mechanic.

Jamie 2

Jamie 2

Jamie 3

Jamie 3

Jamie 1

Jamie 1

Luna - Characters

The Story

"  I know there's no scary monster or anything in the closet. I know there's no such thing as witch. I'm not a kid anymore. But still... I can't let my fear go."

Jamie is scared of darkness. Whenever he loses his sight in the dark, he can’t breathe normally, his heartbeat goes faster and faster and he gets into a panic.


Ten years ago, he had a terrible nightmare on the night of the star festival. He was lost in the woods, and when his parents and other adults found him, he was traumatized by the dark. Since then, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot overcome his fear of darkness.


One day, when this year's star festival nears, he meets a girl, Luna, who is dressed all in black and holding a laminated wand. And somehow he knows who she is ― she is a WITCH.

Luna is an apprentice witch who dreams to become the greatest light wizard. But she also has problems controlling her power. She lights up the dark when she has to hide. She can’t stand in silence. Luna’s grandmother, Olivia, who owns the library nearby the town, told Luna to come over to her house to join the star festival this year.


As Luna goes to Olivia's library, Jamie encounters Luna using her magic.


Now Jamie and Luna set off on an epic journey to find out what happened to them ten years ago, on the night of the star festival.

Luna - Story

The Illustrations

Luna - Illustrations

Callery show

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis exhibition was held from December 1st to December 7th at Sinclair. Marvin Cone Gallery.

Luna - Gallery

The Concept Art

Luna - Concept art

Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to tell stories that could light up the world with hopes and dreams. I create characters who are all unique and different but have something that we can all relate to in some way.


The reason why I am an artist instead of a writer is that I appreciate the power of the visual medium. Regardless of what language we speak, we can all understand what is happening in a picture. We can feel the character’s emotions through their facial expression and body gestures without any dialogue. Drawing has always been the most natural way for me to communicate and connect with others.

Although I love traditional mediums such as watercolor and ink, my work is primarily based on the digital medium. I enjoy how technology allows me to create the imaginative world and sceneries where my characters live. I can pick any colors I want and the canvas size is unlimited. The colors and compositions are the most important aspects of my work. The lights and colors determine the entire atmosphere of the scene, which is essential for storytelling. Meaningful compositions make the scenes more visually interesting and give a strong impression.

My work embodies knowledge from all aspects of visual art such as lighting, space, and color. I want the viewers to feel that they are in the world and witnessing the miracles that they have never seen.

Luna - About project

About the Artist


Ai Tomioka was born in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan in 1997. She is currently pursuing a BA in Arts and Theatre Arts at Coe College. She is a freelance digital illustrator and character designer. Her works are inspired by Japanese animations and Western animations in terms of art style and storytelling.

She loves drawing expressive characters and beautiful backgrounds with both traditional mediums and digitals. She has been making watercolor drawings, prints, oil paintings, digital illustrations, comics, animations, and a lot more.

Luna - About artist
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