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My Dearest Sword

Suishinshi Masahide from Touken Ranbu and Shino(my OC)'s love story


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The year is 2205. The "historical retrograde army(時間遡行軍)" has begun attacks on the past in their plot to change history. The government of Time(時の政府) recruits Saniwa(審神者), people who have the ability to animate legendary swords and travel into the past to defeat evil forces from their Honmaru(本丸/the core region of the castle, the place saniwa and touken-danshi live).

The sword spirits are called Touken-danshi(刀剣男士). They are like semi-gods and have the power to drive away and cleanse the impure sword spirits. Shino is one of Saniwa, and Suishinshi is one of Touken-danshi. 

On the day Shino becomes an official saniwa, she participates in the ritual to pick her first starter sword for her. But she found the lost sword on the floor and accidentally awakened Suishinshi Masahide, who is not supposed to be there or become anyone's starter sword...


Main Characters



Suishinshi Masahide is one of Touken Danshi. He inherits the passionate soul of the forefather of Shinshintou(新々刀/New-new generation swords in the Edo Period).


He has a very serious personality but has a soft, childlike heart inside.

He was not supposed to become anyone's starter sword, but he got separated from his friend, Minamoto Kiyomaro, and was abandoned by one of Honmaru.

He was brought back to the government and accidentally left in the ritual room. He saw Shino and wished to become her sword. As if his wish were granted, she noticed him and awakened his spirit... and he became Shino's first starter sword.

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