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Hello! もしくはこんにちは!

My name is AiTommy. I am a digital artist from Japan. I was born and raised in Kawagoe, a city in Saitama. I love drawing cute couples and making stories of my favorite characters. I make illustrations, comics, and animations on several Social Media Platforms.


Here's my little art studio

I make my art, videos, art prints, and stickers in my small studio/room. I love decorating my room with art prints and other items!

My Gadgets


  • Dell S2722QC 27inch 4K monitor

  • Huion Kamvas Pro 16

  • Clip Studio Paint EX 1.13(no I still haven't updated to 2.0 or 3.0 yet lol) and Tabmate

  • TourBox

  • Aviutl(editing app for video/reels/animations)

  • Capcut(editing app for reels)

  • Epson EW-M754TB(my printer)

  • Silhouette Portrait 4

My Story

I usually use English to communicate and represent myself on the internet, but I am Japanese, and I use Japanese in my daily life(いやこれはガチです。なんか日本語で書くとcringeなるから英語を使ってます。あと単純に英語使うほうが沢山の人に作品を届けられるからですね).

I used to dream of working in the animation industry, especially in major film companies like Pixar and Disney. That's why I convinced my parents to let me go to study art in the U.S., and I did it back in 2017. Although I had the time of my life during my college year, a lot of things happened(like the pandemic and my mental health issues, which I would like to talk about someday) at the same time, and I realized I was not interested in working in the studio and living alone in a foreign country... I love my family, and I want to take full control of my creations. I came back to Japan in 2022, and now I can make whatever I want and live with my family, and I fully enjoy it.

What's my purpose? What's my goal?

Lets chill.png

I want to keep making art for the rest of my life. I will continue creating comics and animations and running my shop. My brain keeps generating new ideas one after another so I need to keep working to make them happen.

My goal at this moment is to keep making new RoBrick, PPGZA series, and one-page comics that I share on my Instagram. Making comics is really tough, but I want to tell my stories.

One of my ultimate goals is to create my own webtoon comic series and animation series. I am developing my original stories and characters, so I hope to make my dream project come true someday.

More about myself...

  • I need to sleep 7 hours a day to be fully functioning, but I have a trouble sleeping quite often

  • I hate math. I think my brain cells are only capable of creative tasks

  • I know I need to do exercise, but I always forget

  • I'm not good at speaking(both in Japanese and English) and hate my voice, but I want to make podcasts someday

  • My brain streams random songs and me talking to myself 24/7

I like...​

  • drawing(duh...)

  • reading mangas

  • food(both eating and cooking)

  • singing(I take singing lessons with my mom!)

  • travels

  • brainstorming for next projects and merch

  • watching animated movies at the movie theatre

  • visiting a bookstore

I want to say...

I used to feel like nobody cared about my art because I tended to prefer things a bit off from what mainstream fandom likes(like my PPG ships...). And I was completely fine with it. I was okay with being alone and enjoying things I loved just by myself.

But now, a lot of people seem to enjoy my artwork and content, and I really appreciate that. Whatever I do next, I would like to entertain people.

Thank you so much for being a part of my art journey and supporting me! I hope you enjoy my art even more.

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