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❌🍏RoBrick Little Red Riding Hood AU/ RoBrick Short Comic

"Whither away so early, Little Red Riding Hood?"

The other day I saw a fanart of RoBrick and I was like shit I need to draw them in my style

My headcanon of this AU... the wizard Utonium created the girls, and the boys were raised by the evil chimpanzee😂😂😂

I really love their designs!! So pretty so cute

This is the girls' honest reaction when they find out that Robin is dating Brick

"Our best friend next door brought a literal walking red flag, introduced him as her "new friend," and we didn't know what to do..."

"You deserve a lot of fish in the ocean!!!!"

"Bubbles calm down"

Don't worry girls, they are actually really close. Like, really.

This is when all I should do was like, make one illustration and one doodle or so but decided to make a whole set of drawings and comics

Maybe I'll draw them again sometime, it was really fun to draw them in these designs

Big shout out to Honey, the artist who made the designs of these Little Red Riding Hood AU!

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Rafaella cristina Oliveira bueno
Rafaella cristina Oliveira bueno
May 08

Só cute!!! I love them!!!

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